06 марта 2012. 6th Shotokan Karate Championship of Russia

6th Shotokan Karate Championship of Russia on 5-6 March 2012 in Moscow
In Moscow completed Championship of Russia in Shotokan Karate. In the largest of these, the main Russian competitions involving more than 1000 athletes from 38 regions of Russia and is the European Championship qualifiers and European Championships in 2012. Competitions memorable high rivalry - semi-finals were preceded 4-5 qualifying laps in each category competed from 40 to 60 athlets.
Championships were held in the individual and team Shotokan kata and fights in the open category.
Chelyabinsk region was represented by Martial Arts Federation of 9 athletes who won 5 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze medals.
Most successfully started silver medalist at the world 2011 Zbrizky Rostislav, who won two gold medals in individual and team kata boys 15.
In the individual kata men repeated the success of his last year's Nedbaylo Sergei, who won silver.
2 medals won silver medalist 2011 European Parshukova Eugenia -bronze in the women's kata and gold in the junior kata.
In team kata was not equal Astrakhantsev Igor, and Rostislav Zbrizkiy and Khamatdinov Artem, who confirmed the status of the winners of European Championship 2011.
Also, gold medals were awarded the coaches - Svetlana Kalinina and Balashov Valery.
Tribelgorn Kirill winner of All-Russian Games 2010-11, became 3rd in kata among youths 12 years.
Finalist in the competition was Grinenko Alex (4 result kata men).
Tense competition took place in kumite (fight) there Igor Astrakhantsev, Zbrizky Rostislav, having lost the match to semifinal.
Among boys aged 16-17 Hamatdinov Artem successfully passing qualifying round, lost for reaching the final four.
Excellent made in kumite 9-year competition debutant Klevlyanik Oleg successfully won 3 fights, he lost for final 4.
Judge Nikolay Chugaev passed examination for category Kumite Shotokan and participated in the judging of the final Championship of Russia.
Winners will take part in international competitions in 2012 - European Championship in the Czech Republic, the European Championship in France and the European Cup in Italy.
Successful performance of the national team - the productive work of a team of traditional karate school, which on March 12 was 20 years old.
Over the years has grown a whole galaxy of  successful athletes and coaches, passing on their knowledge and experience of the new generation of students.
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